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Success is not about how the story ends; it’s about the story itself. Measuring my worth on the dream scale – measuring my success – is never going to be about how well I’m doing financially or how many marks of distinction I can write in my artist biography. It’s about those moments that make you feel like that kid with a big dream who gets to do what she’s always wanted to do.

– Shannon Hope, TEDx Cape Town, July 2013.

Award-winning pianist and vocal artist Shannon Hope has performed on some of South Africa’s premier music platforms, alongside some of the country’s most revered artists, and built a reputation as one of the hardest-touring self-managed artists on the national circuit. With two full-length album releases and various national and international radio play listings to her name, the singer-songwriter has meticulously crafted a substantial mark upon the music scene, to rave reviews from both media and audiences alike.

Not every person who has a dream to leave their mark on the world is going to be world-renowned, but that doesn’t devalue their mark.

– Shannon Hope, TEDx Cape Town, July 2013.

In July 2013, Shannon Hope was invited to make her motivational performance debut at TEDxCapeTown, delivering her inspiring story on this highly respected platform to a standing ovation. Her relaxed speaking style, woven into an impactful musical delivery, explores the nature of courage and ambition in accepting one’s life purpose.

We fear failure because we think it will define us as something, and it does…
It defines you as someone who tried.

– Shannon Hope, TEDx Cape Town, July 2013.

In her 18-minute talk entitled “The Irrationality of Believing”, which is cleverly entwined into a moving piano and vocal performance, she explores concepts of self-belief, passion, courage, and determination; the pursuit of a venture despite the odds; definitions of success and failure; acknowledging one’s calling, dream and passion; the rationalisation of fear; acknowledging the consequence of regret (YOLO); the process of turning a dream into a belief, and belief into action, and then staying brave enough to stick it out; finding value within passion victories to motivate staying true to the dream goal, without getting consumed by business when things seem unattainable.

Take every chance you can possibly take. Chase every dream you have ever believed in. Live every moment as if it’s the last. What are you waiting for? Just believe.

– Shannon Hope, TEDx Cape Town, July 2013.


"Shannon Hope is an inspiration to me and to who I have become today. She was able to open my eyes and gave me hope in what I was doing. If everyone believed in his or her dreams, what an amazing life one could have."

Darren D'Ambrogi October 2016

“Hauntingly beautiful, such an inspiration.”

iono.FM September 2013

“Shannon Hope’s Irrationality of Believing is absolutely inspiring!”

Abi Ray, East Coat Radio September 2013

“The truth about being a musician in SA hath been spoken!”

Jon Savage, 5FM July 2013

“Are you in need of a reminder about why you pursue a dream? Watch this inspiring TEDx talk by the fabulous Shannon Hope.”

Genna-Wae Webster September 2013

“If this doesn’t inspire you, nothing will. Shannon Hope, you really are an inspiration!”

Robbie Kurz September 2013

“As a human being, you owe it to yourself to watch this moving talk by Shannon Hope.”

Shaun Trennery September 2013

“Thank you to Shannon Hope for opening our hearts, freeing our minds and reducing everyone including the cameramen to tears.”

TEDxCapeTown Crew July 2013

“Hands down one of the best TED talks I’ve ever seen. Shannon Hope was phenomenal.”

Nic Haralambous July 2013

“I just have to say that your talent blew my mind at TEDxCapeTown. Phenomenal. To sing, talk and play like you did! Quite epic to watch! Very inspiring too.”

Sarah Whitehead July 2013

“Standing ovation both live and virtual for Shannon Hope! Wow! What an inspiration. Keep shining bright! Thanks for the reminder to ‘believe’ – awesome! Inspirational life purpose.”

Aha Africa July 2013

“Reminding me, us, why the world needs dreamers, singer songwriters, SA music, special people like Shannon Hope.”

Sue Northam July 2013

“It’s incredibly broad emotive range MOVED the audience; had SUCH goosebumps!”

Kat Potgieter July 2013

“Wow! Thank you for the reminder that we regret more the things we didn’t do than the things we did! Standing ovation!”

Angela Horn July 2013

“True brilliance.”

Max Ramphele July 2013

“You are a hero. Blew the audience away today at TEDxCapeTown. Was amazing to hear your story!”

Enhanced Sports July 2013

“The highlight of TEDxCapeTown for me was discovering Shannon Hope! Goosebumps.”

Chris Geils July 2013

“Tears welled up as I felt your performance today. So evocative. Thank you for that gift.”

Rory Williams July 2013

“What an inspiration you are to all performing artists out there!!! Keep up the good work!”

Elvera Strydom July 2013

“Your song from the heart was moving and magnificent. Thank you. Success!”

Michelle Coburn July 2013

“Thank so much for sharing your amazing self today. You made me cry. Don't ever stop living your dream!”

Nicole Biondi July 2013

“Shannon Hope’s TEDxCapeTown talk should be required viewing for all performers.”

Hennie van Greunen July 2013

“Being reminded of my dreams and reality. Infectious. Thank you Shannon Hope.”

Tessa Kirsten Crowder July 2013

“Wow! Got a lump in my throat and feeling totally inspired. Thank you, Shannon Hope.”

Whiskey Sierra July 2013

“Professional dreamer - Just believe! Loved it, and I - THANK - YOU!”

Tessa Samuels July 2013

“Shannon Hope gave me Goosebumps, great storytelling, in line with Ted International.”

Sean van Staden July 2013

“Thank you! Your TEDxCapeTown talk helped me answer a question I have been grappling with this week!”

Jean Wilke July 2013

“Such beautiful words; moving and inspiring. Thank you!”

Donovan Will July 2013

“So inspired by Shannon Hope. Let your fear be your driver!”

Sarah Jane July 2013

“Absolutely speechless.”

Kornel Steyn July 2013

“I have no words! Thank you for sharing your story and vulnerability.”

Saskia Busch July 2013

“Shannon Hope bringing my responsibility toward enabling my daughters' dreams (and mine) into sharp focus.”

Craig Kensley July 2013

“Wow. What a way to tell a story.”

Rogerio Ferreira July 2013

“You ARE Inspiring. Thank you for having the words and the music to speak what my heart screams!”

Charmaine Merwe July 2013

“Thank you for giving us a real life reflection of following your creative dream.”

Jeanae Dumas July 2013


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    South African. Kawai Pianist. Vocal Artist. TEDx Speaker. Copywriter. Gamer. LEGO nut. Organised chaos controller. WordPress designer. Pro scuba diver and occasional mermaid.

    Currently on a break from fulltime touring, Shannon Hope is utilising her other talents in digital creative spaces… but there will be another studio album, and some exclusive performances every now and then. It’s not over. It’s just different.
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