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Written by Jeffrey Stretton-Bell

There’s a very fine line between singing with powerful emotion-driven sincerity and coming across as a second-class town crier trying to sound like a first class-act – but this singer gets it very right. Anyone who has seen Shannon Hope perform will agree.

An audience sits in absolute silence as they are taken on a ride by a voice ranging from bluesy lows to diva-like highs in seconds. Every sentence sung seems packed with a thousand emotions.

With sad, dark, from-the-core stuff to light-hearted and almost joking tunes, her music takes one on an emotional roller-coaster ride that will leave your brain in a knot at the most and a little touched at the least.

Although the addition of cellist Mariah Cohen may steal the show from the piano at times, only having the two instruments allows Hope the opportunity to really explore her vocal range.

Honest, emotional, polished: what more could one ask for?
South African. Kawai Pianist. Vocal Artist. TEDx Speaker. Copywriter. Gamer. LEGO nut. Organised chaos controller. WordPress designer. Pro scuba diver and occasional mermaid.

Currently on a break from fulltime touring, Shannon Hope is utilising her other talents in digital creative spaces… but there will be another studio album, and some exclusive performances every now and then. It’s not over. It’s just different.
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