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As You Grow Up…


You will make mistakes.
You will change your mind.
You will lose yourself and find yourself and reinvent yourself again.
The one person who you thought would never let you down, probably will.
Remember that no one has it all figured out.
Your heart will break more than once. It never gets easier.
You will break someone’s heart, so remember what it felt like to have yours broken.
You will blame a new love for things an old one did.
You will burn bridges beyond repair, and repair bonds that you thought were forever broken.
You will realise that blame serves no one and changes nothing.
You will wish for better days when you should know that they’re right now.
You will cry because you miss someone, because you missed your chance, because sometimes you only get one.
You will cry because sometimes life does not seem fair, because sometimes you lose hope, and because sometimes you just need to cry.
You will want all kinds of things that you can never have.
You will lose someone that you love. That kind of pain never goes away. You just make space for it.
You will realise that the only thing that really matters is being true.
You will realise that you’re capable of more than you think you are.
You will realise that you deserve more than you’ve allowed yourself to have.
You will forget these things too, so try to remind yourself from time to time.
Remember that things change, people change, and you will change.
Laugh as much as your cheeks can bear.
Love like you’ve never been hurt.
Try not to take everything too seriously.
And don’t be afraid that your life will end.
Be afraid that your life will never begin.
South African. Kawai Pianist. Vocal Artist. TEDx Speaker. Copywriter. Gamer. LEGO nut. Organised chaos controller. WordPress designer. Pro scuba diver and occasional mermaid.

Currently on a break from fulltime touring, Shannon Hope is utilising her other talents in digital creative spaces… but there will be another studio album, and some exclusive performances every now and then. It’s not over. It’s just different.
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