Rap Jumping

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Pretending to be a superhero is one of my favourite favourite things to do! I was in Johannesburg for an event recently, just at the right time to visit the Pure Rush team for a rap jump off the Anstey’s Building.

I used to rap jump a lot about 12 years ago, and finally got back up on that roof last year when I heard, by chance, that there was a jump site open in Johannesburg while I was on tour. It only took me one jump to get utterly, completely, entirely hooked on it again, and it’s definitely something that I’m going to be doing a whole lot more of a whole lot more often. I highly recommend that you get yourself a dose of superhero adrenalin as soon as you can! It’s the raddest feeling in the whole wide world…

This is a video of one of my spiral jumps, with a closing grin of pure, unadulterated happiness! That’s me in my (offstage) element!

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